After being a voracious reader for so many years, I decided to try writing. Not long after, my first blog “Adventures in Food, Travel and Life” was born.

Over three hundred posts on personal development, lifestyle and adventure travel (plus the odd recipe) later, I figured there might be a book in there somewhere.

Another seven years (and many drafts) after that I finally finished my book titled, Punch Failure in the Face, Then Buy It a Beer. Once it was published, I exhaled and vowed to never do that again… at least not for a while.

However, since living well (according to our values) is the most important thing any of us can do, I wanted to keep sharing great ideas and strategies that aid this noble quest. As such I do this through my blog, The Inspired Humans project. Why not check it out?

Regardless of which (or both) that you choose, I hope you are inspired!