The Connectivity Ninja

Mingling with strangers at business mixers or in social situations isn’t easy, yet there are some people who always seem to do it easily and effortlessly… Who are these networking superheroes, and where did their socializing “superpowers” come from? 

I call these people Connectivity Ninjas; and their so-called “superpowers” are really just a few steps they know will, when followed, provide them with a competitive edge in business and life. 

In this interactive presentation I share the four key strategies used by Connectivity Ninjas, and engage participants to develop them in real time.

Due to the extraordinary participant involvement and engagement, many organizers credit the opening keynote titled, The Connectivity Ninja for setting their conferences up for overall success. Why not let it do the same for your event?

Running Time: One hour; or can be included in an abbreviated version when combined with emcee/hosting duties.