“Since life is short, why not make every moment count?” David Knapp-Fisher

For 40+ years I’ve studied the wisdom and strategies of entrepreneurs, world travellers, finance guys, leadership gurus, bold adventurers and communication experts, and then used their guidance to achieve over 100 of my own personal and professional goals. These include: 

  • Writing, publishing and marketing a personal development book
  • Travelling to 48 countries (so far) and all 7 continents
  • Owning and/or operating several (mostly successful) businesses
  • Visiting the Pyramids and Sphinx in Giza, Egypt
  • Getting my G.E.D. at 48 years old (“educated” at last!)
  • Volunteering on projects in rural Guatemala and South Africa
  • Helping my son thrive despite his muscular dystrophy diagnosis
  • Whitewater rafting on the Trisuli River, Nepal
  • Speaking on the world famous TEDx stage (130,000+ views so far)

Of the literally hundreds of life-lessons I’ve learned over the years, I’ve discovered there are three key steps that absolutely MUST BE FOLLOWED by anyone wanting to create genuine happiness, joy and/or fulfilment in their lives. These are:

  1. They MUST define what happiness, joy and fulfillment look like for them
  2. They MUST take the actions required to bring those things into their lives
  3. To help accelerate the process, They MUST develop above-average communications skills

No matter how someone defines a life of happiness, joy and fulfillment, it can’t be achieved in any measure until they first master these three critically important steps.

This is where I come in.

My mission is to introduce (or re-introduce) these basic elements so people can immediately get laser-focused on working towards the lives they truly want to have. I have 2 keynote presentations that address these points in depth. They are:

  • The Connectivity Ninja: (a.k.a. Creating Genuine Human Connections in 4 Steps) – An interactive presentation that when positioned as an opening keynote, sets any event or conference up for success. My most popular talk ever!
  • Punch Failure in the Face, Then Buy It a Beer: Based on my book of the same name, this talk challenges people to re-frame their approach to work, life, success and happiness by seeing failure as a necessary part of growth. It’s an energetic, inspiring, and never fails to fire people up!

“Hi David – Thanks again for the keynote talk you gave at our recent annual National Controllers Conference. Your take on Personal Leadership was highly energetic, motivational and above all, effective in helping our team focus their efforts on both their personal, and the company’s goals.

I’ve received numerous positive comments on your presentation and message, so let’s go ahead and book again for next year” ~ Stephen McGinley, Regional Controller, CHIP REIT – Regina, Sask.

Six Reasons Why I should Speak At your conference

  • I TELL RELATABLE STORIES: All talking points and references are pulled from my stockpile of good, bad, and (often very) ugly life experiences. Just sayin’.

  • GENUINE PASSION: My genuine passion for helping people (including event organizers) will become evident at our first conversation, throughout the planning and presentation, during the after-session Q & A and everywhere in-between. I’m 100% committed in helping you and your team succeed!

  • I BRING THE ENERGY: By involving audience members throughout presentations, together we keep people actively engaged, and the energy level high (!).
  • TOGETHER, WE CREATE GENUINE HUMAN CONNECTIONS: My presentations encourage participation connections to happen on a very personal, human level. Rather than only asking, “So, what do you do?”, I also ask audiences, “So, what do you do for fun?”.
  • HUMOUR: Since self-deprecating stories often highlight common struggles, I always include tales of my own embarrassing failures and epic “egg-on-my-face” moments.
  • TAKE-AWAY STEPS: Each session ends with a set of clear, concise take-away steps leaving participants an opportunity to begin building a personal “roadmap for success”.

But don’t just take my word on it: Check out the RAVING FANS page for more client testimonials confirming the impact of my presentations have had on audiences.