Punch Failure in the Face

If failure had a face, wouldn’t you want to punch it?

We all experiences failure; but what if rather than viewing it as a bad thing, instead we viewed it as a friend who challenges us all Fight Club style to become a better version of ourselves? A friend we’re so grateful for that once the dust settles we’d happily buy them a beer?

Taken from his book of the same name, Punch Failure in The Face (Then Buy it a Beer) is a collection of personal stories, strategies and philosophies from David’s bumpy, often-humorous journey which saw him go from high school failure to self-styled entrepreneur.


  • Defining Success (It’s not what most people think)
  • Using our so-called “Failures” To Fuel Our actual “Wins”
  • The Importance of Personal Leadership Skills
  • Why Self-Education Is Critical for Success
  • Simple Ways to Effectively Communicate To Anyone

If you or your organization values and promotes individual growth and achievement, Punch Failure in the Face is the perfect keynote to fire up your people!

Running Time: One Hour *

* Special pricing when including copies of the book for attendees*